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Tips For Staying Organized During Your Move

Pile of Boxes
While it may be tempting to simply pile all your belongings in large boxes randomly to save time on your move, this approach to relocation will leave you with quite the disorganized mess when you arrive at your new home.
You don't want your entire house to be packed up like the infamous junk drawer. The efforts you take to make your move more structured will be rewarded when you unpack and set up your new dwelling later. Follow these tips for an easier, more organized move.

Start Early

Give yourself weeks or months to prepare for your move. You don't have to pack everything you own right away; rather, you can use the upcoming months to create a moving checklist, acquire packing boxes and material, and sort through your belongings.
Last-minute moving is sometimes unavoidable, but you can still take a few hours to organize your move on paper before you start putting things in boxes. Your moving checklist should include:
  • Color or number codes assigned to each room
  • Which room(s) will be packed first
  • Contact information for your moving company
  • Dates for organizing, packing, and moving
Stick to your checklist to help you remain on track while you start packing your items for relocation.

Pack Correctly

Packing in an organized fashion keeps your belongings protected and reduces over- or under-filling boxes. Place larger, more durable items on the bottom of packing boxes, and place lighter or more fragile items on top. Use packing peanuts, popped non-buttered popcorn, newspaper, or bubble wrap to fill in gaps in boxes so items don't move around in transit.
Here's a tip: If you are short on packing boxes or supplies, use towels, washcloths, pillow cases, and other household materials to wrap dishes and other fragile items in.
Before sealing each box you pack up, make sure it can be easily picked up and moved. You don't want to make boxes so heavy that they are difficult to relocate. Also, give each box a light shake: If you've packed it right then you will not hear or feel movement inside. Reassemble boxes if they are too heavy to move.

Pack by Room

As mentioned above, each room should be assigned its own number or color. The code you choose should be visibly displayed on each moving box or container.
Before packing in the chosen room, go through each drawer, cupboard, and closet to separate items you use frequently from those you no longer want or need. A common rule of thumb is this: If you haven't worn it in the last six months or if you had forgotten you even had it, throw it out or donate it.
Repeat this process for each room in the home, placing items you wish to keep in boxes for easy unpacking later. If you choose to color code your boxes, consider using containers in matching hues for each room to make organization easier.

Place Packed Items in Storage

If you're packing months or weeks before your move, then place all boxes in a storage unit until moving day. Keeping boxes out of the way will keep you from reopening them or losing track of where they are in the home. You can also simply place moving boxes in your garage or an emptied room where they will not be disturbed. When your moving day arrives, simply tell your moving company where to meet you to retrieve your boxes.
With the right organization, your move can be a success. Call us at Los Flores Movers to discuss your moving date and packing needs. Our goal is to make your moving adventure an easy, stress-free one.