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3 Tips for Packing Up Your Kitchen

a lady packing kitchen items
The packing is one of the most difficult parts of the moving process, and for many homeowners, the kitchen is the most difficult room.
It's usually one of the last rooms to get packed (because, of course, you need to eat every day leading up to the move), so by the time you get to it, you may already be feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. On top of that, it's a room full of breakables, necessities, and difficult-to-pack items.
But if you have a plan, packing your kitchen doesn't have to be a hassle. Take a look at some tips that can help you move your kitchen with ease.

Use Two Layers of Protection for Glassware

Should your water glasses and wine goblets be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap? How about both? These are some of the most fragile items that you'll be moving, so it's worth taking the extra step to make sure they're fully protected.
Start by wrapping the glass in newspaper or tissue paper. Make sure that you have a piece of tape handy to hold the paper in place. If your glasses are touching the bubble wrap, you run the risk of having imprints of bubbles left on your glasses permanently. Making sure to securely wrap the glasses with paper not only protects the glass from breakage, but it also protects the glass from the bubble wrap.
Once you have the paper in place, wrap the glasses in bubble wrap and secure that layer of wrapping with tape as well. Then you can place the glasses gently into the box. Don't forget to use cardboard inserts inside the box to keep the glasses from hitting each other when you move the box.

Remove Loose Parts From Appliances

Don't make the mistake of trying to load your microwave or coffeemaker on the moving truck as-is. You'll still want to protect these items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper and putting them into a sturdy, sealed box.
The most important thing to remember when packing appliances is that you need to remove the loose parts inside the appliances and wrap them separately.
That means the glass plate inside of your microwave, the blades inside of your blender, and the pot or cups that go in your coffee maker all need to be wrapped separately. Otherwise, they could move around and break or damage the appliance. Don't forget to wrap the electrical cords as well.
Reinforce the box by taping the bottom with packing tape, especially if the appliance is heavy. Once your box is prepared and your appliance is wrapped in several layers of packing paper, you can put it into the box and fill the excess space with packing paper or peanuts. You can even add small unbreakable items if you want to.

Check With Your Movers About Food and Alcohol

One of the biggest hassles about packing the kitchen is figuring out what to do with the food, especially if you're moving long-distance and can't just drive a few grocery bags of food over to your new place. Your best bet is to get rid of the food that you have in the kitchen before the day of the move, but that's not always possible.
If you know that you're going to need food or alcohol moved, it's important to check with your moving company. Perishable items, open food containers, and alcohol often show up on lists of what not to put on a moving truck, and you need to know your mover's policy on these kinds of items.
You can protect open containers of food like cereal or ingredients like flour or sugar by putting them into large zip lock bags or plastic food containers with airtight lids. If all else fails, see if your neighbors can use the open but unfinished food items in your fridge or pantry, and buy new groceries for your new home.
You can buy special wine shipping boxes from couriers or liquor stores that will protect the glass bottles and keep your expensive wine from moving around. Extreme temperatures are bad for wines, so if you're going a long way or moving during a heat wave or cold snap, you may not want to put wine on a moving truck that isn't climate-controlled, even if your mover does allow it. You can carry it in your own car, if you're driving, or find a shipping service to deliver it to your new address safely.
If you really hate packing, you can always have Los Flores Movers do it for you. We’ll even unpack when you arrive at your new home, if you want. If you have need packing materials, have questions about what can go on the truck, or need help packing, don't hesitate to contact us.