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How to Ask Friends to Help You Move

Female Friends Carrying Boxes
Packing and moving is not a one-person or two-person job. Throughout the process, you may need to rely on your friends and family members to help you pack, load the moving truck, and disassemble furniture. Most friends will be more than happy to help you move, but if you want to maintain your friendship and avoid conflict, you will want to adhere to these basic rules of etiquette.
1. Give Friends Plenty of Notice
Don't wait until the last minute to ask your friends for help. Even if they are able to help, they will not appreciate having to rearrange their schedules to do so. Ask your friends for help at least a week before your move, if not more. Be specific about when you need help so that they can plan accordingly. Plus, if the first friends you ask are not available, you have time to reach out to a new set of friends. 
2. Ask for Help With Specific Tasks
Friends will feel more comfortable helping you move if they know exactly what is expected. For example, a smaller, weaker friend may initially turn down your offer if they assume they'll need to move heavy couches — but if you specifically ask them to help you pack curtains into boxes, they may be more willing and able to help.
3. Ask for Help Unpacking, Too
Many people have plenty of help packing and loading the moving truck. Then they arrive at their new home and realize they have to unpack everything themselves. If you have friends who are not available on your packing day, ask if they're able to help you unpack the next day instead. Ideally, you should have separate friends help you pack and unpack so that nobody gets too tired or overwhelmed.
4. Have Supplies Ready When Your Helpers Arrive
Go shopping to pick up boxes, tape, scissors, bubble wrap, and other packing essentials well before your friends arrive. This way, you can get started as soon as they arrive. If you know that any of your friends have moving equipment like moving straps or a dolly, feel free to ask if they'll bring it along. Most friends are willing to share, and this saves you from having to spend money on such equipment.
5. Don't Be Afraid to Delegate
One of the best things about having friends help you move is that this arrangement allows you to relieve yourself of some responsibility — that is, if you delegate tasks properly. 
Resist the urge to look over your friends' shoulders constantly as they help you pack and move. Assign each person a task you feel confident they can handle, give them clear guidelines and instructions, and then leave them to it. You'll all work a lot faster if each person has their own assigned tasks.
6. Supply Snacks and Drinks
Well-fed, hydrated moving helpers are effective moving helpers. Stock up on bottled water and drinks and a variety of snacks like fruit, crackers, and granola bars. Have these handy for your helpers throughout the moving process. When you're finished packing, treat everyone to a meal as a way to say thank you.
7. Offer an IOU
When everything is loaded in the moving truck and the day is over, sincerely thank your friends and let them know that if they ever more, you are happy to return the favor. Depending on your friends' circumstances, you might also offer to help them with other tasks like landscaping or babysitting.
Follow the etiquette tips above, and your move should proceed efficiently with your friendships remaining intact throughout the process. If you would rather hire professional movers to assist you, contact Los Flores Movers. We'll take great care of your belongings, and we even offer cleaning services to simplify your moving process.