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5 Tips to Avoid Injuries While Moving

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Moving isn't just hard on you mentally and emotionally but physically as well. Many people find themselves injured while you move from one home to another, but these are some helpful tips that can help you avoid common injuries during your upcoming move.

1. Label Boxes Carefully

First, some people get injured because they aren't careful about how they handle their boxes. For example, if you rip open a box that has something sharp in it, you could cut yourself. Plus, you could put kids at risk if you don't properly label boxes that have harmful chemicals in them.

To help prevent these injuries, make sure that you label all of your boxes carefully. Anything that you should handle with caution should have appropriate labels. Not only will this help prevent you and others from being injured but will make unpacking a whole lot easier when you arrive at your new home, too.

2. Try to Stay Neat and Organized

Staying organized is difficult while you're in the middle of a move. If you have too much of a mess, though, someone can get hurt. For example, if you have boxes and assorted items everywhere, someone could trip over a box and fall, slip on a spilled liquid, or accidentally step on something sharp.

Doing your best to stay neat and organized will help cut down on the chances of any accidents. Plus, this will help make packing and moving a lot less stressful and overwhelming.

To do this, try to pack with a plan in mind, such as by packing one room at a time. As you pack, try to clean up as you go. Also, even when you can't completely control the mess, try to at least create pathways that you and others can walk through to prevent tripping and falling or otherwise getting hurt.

3. Keep Pets and Kids From Getting Underfoot

Kids and pets can make a move a lot more complicated. If they're underfoot while you move heavy furniture or other items, they could increase your risk of falling. You could also be more likely to drop furniture and other items and breaking them.

Plus, kids and pets who are underfoot while you move can be more at risk of getting hurt. You could trip over them or drop something on them and hurt them. Also, while you pack, your home might not be child- and pet-proof like usual, so they could get into something that they shouldn't get into.

Sending the kids to stay with a family member or friend for the day and putting pets in another room or taking them to a kennel is smart. This will help keep everyone safe and can make packing and moving a whole lot easier, too.

4. Lift Properly

You inevitably probably will pick up heavy items while you move. The way that you lift these items makes a big difference in whether you injure yourself or not. Make sure that you don't lift heavy furniture, heavy boxes, or other heavy items with your back. Instead, try to let your legs do most of the work when you lift.

5. Know When You Need Help

No matter how determined you might be to try to tackle your move without any help, know when to ask for it. Don't try to move heavy items on your own, or you could hurt yourself. Instead, ask someone to help you, or hire a moving company to handle the big, heavy stuff for you.

You don't want to get injured while you move. For help with moving to your new home, find out more about Los Flores Movers' services today.