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4 Ways to Have a Greener Moving Experience

Happy Delivery Men Carrying Cardboard Box
When moving a household, you can generate a lot of waste. Before, during, and after your move, think of ways to reduce the amount of packing and moving waste you use and throw away. Here are four ways to move and be sustainable, too.
1. Move Fewer Items
The best way to cut down on moving-related waste is to move fewer items. Consider donating fragile items you haven't used in some time. A local church, women's club, veterans home, or school may appreciate your used dishes, books, or DVDs. And thrift stores, animal shelters, and charities appreciate linens, bedding, and clothing.
Check with charities in your area before dropping off items. Some non-profits and churches will come pick up donations for you and save you a trip. The fewer items you keep, the fewer items you have to pack and ultimately unpack.
2. Use Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard is very sustainable when it's properly reused and recycled. But a large household may need dozens of large containers to hold all of the items being relocated from the home. Think outside the cardboard box and use plastic totes, bins, and boxes to move some belongings.
Small, sturdy crates with handles are ideal for moving books, toys, tools, and other random items. Large garbage bins (after being cleaned and disinfected) can hold yard tools, camping supplies, and automotive accessories.
Your dresser drawers can also hold items whether you leave the items in the dressers or pack them separately. The moving company has wrap to cover and secure drawers either way.
3. Make Fabric Earn Its Keep
If you're moving a large amount of linens, socks, or clothes, use the fabric you won't need right away to act as cushions for your belongings. For example, sculptures, framed wall art, and dishware can all be partially cushioned with layers of fabric.
After placing oddly shaped items in boxes, you can fill in the spaces between the items and the box tops with bunched up sweatshirts, t-shirts, or socks. Use large folded tablecloths to help protect ceramic platters and other serving pieces before packing.
When wrapping glassware, wrap it in sturdy paper first, then use socks to cover wine glasses and other beverage glasses. If the glasses break, the shards stick to the paper.
Hanging fabric items don't need expensive moving supplies, Gather 10 or 12 hangers (with clothes on them) and make the hangers go in the same direction before wrapping a rubber band or zip tie around the collected hanger tops.
Then, poke a hole in the center of a large garbage bag, and slip the hole over the top hanger part. Pull the drawstring at the bottom of the trash bag tight to protect hanging clothes from scraping on dirty ground or floors. Your hanging clothes bags can then be used as cushions on top of and between furnishings.
4. Find Uses for Your Used Supplies
After you've moved all your items, you don't have to waste all of your packing material after unpacking. For example, excess plain newsprint from moving makes great art paper for kids. You could also use the paper in entryways as protection from muddy feet and boots or place paper under houseplants and pet bowls to contain messes.
Even packing peanuts can be reused. Packing peanuts are sorted by color. The green-hued packing peanuts are composed of 70 percent recycled material, and white and pink packing peanuts are made of all raw materials. You can use green packing peanuts in your landscaping, as they break down in the garden, compost heap, and plant pots.
While pink and white packing peanuts can't be used in gardens, you can recycle them by reaching out to schools and businesses in your new location. Schools may want the peanuts for craft projects, and local small businesses that ship items may appreciate free packing supplies.
Online recycling forums and groups can also hook you up with individuals and organizations that accept packing peanuts and other post-move waste. By finding a new use or home for your moving supplies, you keep materials out of landfills, and you continue your sustainable choices through helping others.
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