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4 Last-Minute Moving Emergencies and How to Handle Them

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You should take the time to plan to ensure your move goes smoothly. However, even if you have a clear plan, some unfortunate emergencies may still pop up along the way. When a moving emergency arises, you must keep your cool, handle it, and move on. Below, you'll discover four common last-minute moving emergencies and some tips for handling each one.
1. You're Out of Space in the Moving Truck
Estimating the proper size moving truck is not always as easy as it seems. What if you find yourself with a full moving truck and you still have two more large appliances that don't fit inside? You can handle this situation a couple different ways.
Take Things Apart
Could you remove and disassemble a table, couch, or other large appliance in the moving truck to create more room? Disassembling it may allow you to pack it into a smaller space or stack it on top of another item, leaving more space for your remaining items.
Get Rid of a Few Things
You may have already purged your possessions, but ask yourself if you can feasibly get rid of anything else. Perhaps you don't really need that old sofa or mattress. Donate a few more items and you just might be able to squeeze the remainder essential items into the truck.
Rent a Larger Truck
Unloading everything and packing it into a new moving truck will take a while, but if you absolutely need to take everything with you, this is your best bet. See if the truck rental company will let you have both trucks for an hour or two so you can carry your things directly from one truck to the other.
2. Your Furniture Won't Fit in the Door
If a large piece of furniture won't budge through the door, either at your new place or your old place, first look to see if you can disassemble it in any way. For example, sometimes you need to take the legs off of a sofa to squeeze it through the door. Next, try turning the item on the diagonal; sometimes you can wiggle it through the doorway in this manner, provided you have a few helpers.
Another possible solution is to remove the door frame. If the item still won't fit, consider selling it and purchasing a new, smaller version.
3. You're Running Out of Time to Pack
If the early stages of your move take longer than planned, you may find yourself with little time left to pack. Luckily, you can expedite the process in a few easy ways:
  • Leave everything in dresser drawers and tape the drawers shut, rather than wasting time putting clothing in boxes.
  • Leave clothing on hangers and put upside-down plastic bags over the hung-up items for protection.
  • Stick with basic labels like "dining room" and "bedroom" rather than trying to label each box with its specific contents.
While keeping everything super organized while packing is ideal, sometimes you have to sacrifice organization for speed when you're running out of time.
4. You Don't Have Time to Clean
Perhaps you planned on cleaning the house or apartment once everything was moved out, but now you're in a time crunch with no time left to clean. One solution is to call a close friend or neighbor and see if they would be willing to help you by cleaning the home once you leave.
You could also hire a professional cleaning company. Some offer move-out cleaning services specifically for people in your situation.
Moving always comes with a few surprises, but with a good moving team on your side, you are less likely to run into the emergencies above. Contact Los Flores Movers if you're looking for a moving company in the Houston area. We offer free moving quotes and professional service.